July 8, 2010

Balasan Dari Nuffnang Tentang Status Geli Aku Yang Ditarik Itu...

Korang baca la..aku malas nak translate..sekolah pon tak berapa nak tinggi..2 tingkat ajek..nak faham lebih..gunela google translate... :)

Here is the response made to your ticket. Please do not reply to this email directly, use the link above
to reply.

Hi Lina,[tidak boleh blah nuffnang neh...Lina???..dop suke ea orang panggil Lina..huhuhu]

Glitterati membership is an automated process. It\'s given automatically to a blogger\'s account if all his/her blog(s) registered with us serve Nuffnang ads publicly at all times and none from our competitors. In addition to that, the registered blog(s) should also be active and has at least 1 visitor in each day or else our crawler will mark it as a spam blog and this will affect your membership status. Should your blog be free from any conflicting activities, you\'ll receive your Glitterati membership in 4 days time.

According to our record, on 5-Jul-2010 18:41:37 your blog was inaccessible thus failed to serve Nuffnang ads publicly. It was either because you\'ve made your blog private at that moment, or you have changed your blog URL to another URL and later reverted to this one. Can we check if such scenario did occur?

Robb Chew
Blogger Relations Executive

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

ye...aku ada privatekan blog aku seperti di entry ini....[salin baju]..dulu pernah je private blog...tapi tak pernah lak status ditarik balik...kenapekah..mengapekah....ish....nak geli-geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.................lenkali jangan gatal miang-miang privatekan blog....
*tadi nak ping kat innit pon tak boleh...........huhu..tension.....apetah lagi impian untuk dapat BE...lagi hampeh!!!...rase keciwa sampai nak cashout je!!!....

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